A typographical poster series on A2-format
'life of things'
A publication on 'masks'
A black white monotype series 1

A screensaver, flag & flyer design for

jajaja neeneenee radio


I am a visual artist that goes with the name Tz’unun ART & design. I am active in multiple diciplines within the art world. Digital & analogue. I think it’s always interesting to combine these two. to create things you can’t do digital in an analogue way and visa versa.

I currently study Graphic Design at School Of Arts - KASK In Ghent.

My work is often monochrome, ecpecially black and white. I have a certain way of working with the rough materials I use to create an overall rough or raw image, where in between the roughness always lie these little details that make the whole image interesting to look at and discover new things in there.

All feedback, questions, tips & jobs are welcome! I am always interested in collabs, projects or artwork swaps.